Swimwear Premier

Our swimwear premier is hands down the most exciting thing that has happened in our brand so far. Let me tell you the story of how this came to life.

Back in January 2018 I can remember sitting at my sister's baby shower telling all of my family that I was going to start a swimwear line. I talked about it for a month or two, then it was like the idea had disappeared, I didn't talk about it much for the rest of the year. This January I decided that it was time to make a change, enough was enough, it was time to move forward. From there I just Jumped. I contacted my friend, another local designer, and asked her for some advice on how to get started and just ran with the information I received. I reached out to a few designer calls on Instagram; the next thing I knew I was signed up to present my swimwear line that did not yet exist. A few months later I was premiering it. I honestly have no idea I managed to design and produce from scratch a 13 piece line, something that I've never done before, in less than a month, but I did.

I wouldn't advise everyone to just jump as I did. Take some time to really plan it out so you don't experience so much stress. Although the one valuable lesson I did learn from the experience is that I am capable of producing a whole lot more than I have been allowing myself. Now with every project going forward I will hold myself to that same standard or higher.

On the other hand, sometimes we have to just jump. If we keep dipping our toe into the water first , we'll never get in. Sometimes we have to just take a leap of faith and start where we are. You don't have to know where you're going to end up before you jump, you just have to know the direction you are headed. So take a leap of faith Soarer's and trust that your wings will allow you to SOAR!

~Always Let Your Heart SOAR!~

<3 Always,

Nini D.


In the picture you will find my (from left to right) Grandma, Mom, Older Sister Younger Sister, Myself, and My Dad. I am so glad they were able to make it. Unfortunately my husband was manning the booth and did not make it in this picture. Thank you all for coming to support me on my first show. Biggest shout out to my partner for helping me so much!

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