May Day Empowerment Celebration

Be FEARLESS in the face of adversity!

Today is May Day, the halfway point between spring and summer, light and dark. Today marks a day of fertility and plentiful harvest. At least that's how they celebrate the first day of May in about 66 countries around the world.  Today at Soaring Hearts we are celebrating it as the first day we take the first steps in re-empowering ourselves. We are SOARING into May knowing we have the power to manifest greatness in our lives and now we are sharing that knowledge with you.

Today marks the first day of Empowerment May, the topic of our Soaring Sunday's Live show hosted at 11am EST every Sunday morning on Facebook and Instagram. With everything going on in the world today it is easy to feel as though we have lost the power to decide how our lives should look. With Covid-19 creating a life of stagnancy and uncertainty, it leaves available a path of fear, and discouragement. It is our job to fight against that resistance and continue to build the life we dream of. 

In episode 5, Fearless Friday, of our daily segment, My Daily Cup, we discussed the idea of going into May, and the changes it brings, in a fearless and authentic way. We challenged you to go through the day, and the month of May, fearlessly, standing firm to your personal stance in the world. We challenge you to take a look at your strengths and start growing them into the image of yourself you want to be portrayed. Most importantly we challenge you to fearlessly use the word "NO;" especially when saying "yes" goes against your personal positions. These are the foundations for taking back your power through the month of May and re-empowering yourself to dance around the May pole and #keepSOARING today and everyday!


Say No when yes goes against your authenticity

Work on your Strengths

Stay true and firm to your personal stance in the world

Be Fearless in the face of adversity.

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~Always Let Your Heart SOAR

-Soaring Hearts

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